New Stonehenge Discoveries

Several readers sent me a link to recent Associated Press story about new theories of Stonehenge. I’m always amazed that, after 5,000 years, Stonehenge still makes news! Many of us continue to be fascinated by this wonderful structure from the Neolithic age.

I’m happy to report this latest theory from University College London supports many of the ideas in The Stonehenge Scrolls, including that the Stonehenge site was used for generations before the stone circle was erected. And that building the circle took only a decade or so. And that the building project served to unite the clans of Britain.

When I was writing and revising and re-revising The Stonehenge Scrolls, I was always terrified that some new archaeological discovery would completely undermine the premise of my novel. Of course, since the building of Stonehenge occurred in pre-history, no one can really say for certain what happened. But fiction can sometimes contain more truth than readers suspect!